My musical name is David J. Bright, I am a producer from the Czech Republic in Europe and I have been composing my own music (even without a musical education) for almost 20 years. From a very young age, I felt that music was what really made my heart vibrate. I grew up listening to hip hop, nu-jazz and quality 90s dance music. I have been devouring every new episode of YO! Mtv Raps. Since I’m from Eastern Europe, it was very hard to get to that kind of music back then. It was my older brother who started bringing home Mtv Raps recordings on videotapes from someone who received the channel’s signal. As a little boy, I was completely hooked. A few years passed, I started working and was able to buy my first Technics turntables and a Vestax mixer. For many years I was a DJ and organized concerts for hip hop bands in the local area. I always had a dream to make my own music, I just felt it in me. The moment of decision came once and I bought Propellerhead’s original Reason software, then came the Akai Professional MPK 225 Midi Keyboard and other necessary equipment (which I need to develop in order to move further) and I leaned into it. I’ve already released a lot of stuff through different labels and produced some tracks for my friends – musicians and people from my crew. I will be very happy if you support me and contribute to the fact that I can be more musically active, release more and more songs and develop my musical equipment, last but not least also promo and marketing, which is crucial for a composer these days. Thank you very much for your patronage! I hope that at least one of my compositions will touch your heart or “take off your shoes” :-). PS: hopefully soon on socials